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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 4, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning at 5:00 a.m. on wednesday. it is wednesday, right? checking on that. thank you for joining us. i am eric thomas. >> i am leyla gulen with kristen sze and meteorologist mike nicco. >> north bay rain tomorrow and the rest of us are on friday. live doppler 7 hd shows no need for the umbrella. you do have another day or two to find it or whatever wet weather gory you will -- gear you will use. the 12 hour day planners we are milder and more fog at 39-54. 60 at noon. low-to-mid 60's at 4:00. low-to-mid 50's and mild in the evening.
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the nice start to the wednesday morning. we will look at the bay bridge toll plaza where we have a few extra cars in the right and left hand lanes. those are fast trackers moving along fine. across the bridge we have an update on the fremont street off-ramp with new closures taking place over the weekend. if san jose we go clear conditions if you have a flight at san jose airport the northbound traffic is at top speed. now breaking news from 4:30 this morning, a two in san jose across from an elementary school. >> this is confusing call. the first came came as a fire on roundtable drive but the fire was on another street and firefighters had to make their way around and fight the fire and had to deal with downed power lines. we have video, cell phone video
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that shows how big the flames were and at the back of the duplex firefighters were putting near on the fire that started at 2:15. flames were shooting high into the sky and a number jumped interest action and evacuated the home. >> we helped get the little kids out and their family with five or six adults and two or three children. we got the kids out the guy was trying to put it out and did not wake up the family yet. >> here is the video nick shot from the cell phone you can see how big the flails were firefighters say this is not appearing to be suspicious and they are trying to determine if the fire knocked down power lines or if the power line falling down caused the fire. this is across the street from an elementary school and the neighbors are expected to be allowed back in when the power
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lineses and homes are secured. the people in the duplex at least ten, are not allowed for a long time because there is damage in the duplex. >> happening now, rescue crews in taiwan are looking through the wreckage of an airline that crashed after take off and the entire crash is the most dramatic video you will ever see. nick is in the newsroom with more. nick? >> good morning, a few minutes ago officials confirmed the worst: 23 people confirmed dead. 15 hospitalized. 20 are still missing after a flight crashed taiwan. this is video unlike anything we have ever seen. there are still more than 100 rescue workers working to recover parts of the plane that was carrying 53 passengers and five crew when it took off. authorities say it crashed minutes later. a spokesman said that the apr72
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prop hit a bridge before it plunged into the area. it hit a taxi and clipped the bridge before crashing into the river. officials confirmed that the pilot rotated the plane to avoid hitting two buildings and the occupant of the taxi survived and were taken to a hospital but dozens of passengers are still missing. reports say 31 passengers were chinese tourists and at least three were children. the aviation safety agency did not say what caused the crash but the black boxes have been recovered and both pilots were if their 40's with more than 6,000 hours of flying time each. the plane was nine months old and had completed a safety check in january. developing news the suspect arrested in the case of a dismembered body found in san francisco last week is a free map this morning.
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59-year-old mark andrus walked out of the san francisco county jail. district attorney says there is not enough evidence to charge him. police arrested an druze for murder on friday after surveillance video showed him in the spot where a torso was found in a suitcase. the medical examine are has not identified the body or determined the cause of death. charms against andrus walking with the public defender there could come up later if more evidence towns up. >> san mateo county sheriff is asking for the public's help in finding a man accused of exposing himself at a bus stop. investigators say a woman was waiting for the bus near her home on monday night at 11 o'clock and a man stopped the car and flashed the woman. here is a picture of the car driving off and the victim says the suspect was driving a light-colored four-door sedan with a rear spoiler as he live the scene. >> a deadly disease is killing off pigeons by the thousands if
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california and specifically in santa barbara and santa clara counties. the sudden deaths of the pigeons if south bay beland last month and have been rising since. experts say a parasite is attacking this species of pigeon and spreading the disease that caused lesions that close off the bird's throat causing them to suffocate or starve. >> losing a thousand is a big deal. they do not recover because they only have one chick a year. >> the drought is contributing to the problem because pigeons are sharing the water sources and infacting reach other. a creek in los gatos could be causing the problem. >> more than 20 rehabilitated birds that were recovered in mystery goo are released into the wild in the east bay. international bird rescue has released 86 sea birds and they still have 132 birds if their
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care in various stages of recovery from being coated in the mysterious substance that still has not been identified. the release will be at 11 o'clock a.m. at middle harbor shore line park in oakland. >> firm state senatore has helled out $128,000 of campaign cash to pay his attorney the he was indicted on accepting $62 the to campaign contributions. he is accused of offering to an the sale of machine guns and missiles to an undercover f.b.i. agent posing as a mob figure. the former san francisco politician has pleaded not guilty. >> a marketing campaign for ride share lyft could be the most expensive hopscotch game. the advertising company have been chalking special hopscotch extension sills on sidewalks in
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mid-market but the city attorney is not onboard and causing it graffiti and say it defaces the area. the city attorney is drawing up a letter to ask lyft to pay penalties but not say how much they will ask but it will be large enough to deter other companies from doing something similar. >> uc berkeley has plans to build a campus in richmond inviting public universities away the world and technical companies to offer advanced degrees there. officials say it would be located at the richmond field station on 134 acres of waterfront this now has warehouses. they add that five universals in asia and europe are in talks to set up shop. the idea is to reverse a recent trend of united states universities opening satellite campuses elsewhere and bringing them here. >> what will they see this weekend if they come here? >> rain. >> a lot of gray.
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one shade. >> one of our earliest risers in the east bay because of the longer commute with low-to-mid 40's through the san ramon valley to livermore and pleasant hill is 48, more indicative of what you find on highway 4 and pittsburg and antioch and brentwood at 49 and all covered with fog right now. that is slipping past the financial district and alameda is 59. redwood city is june, and half moon bay is 50 and bodega bay is warmer at 56 and the rest of us in low-to-mid 50's until you get to milpitas at 57. downtown and a backdrop of san jose to talk about temperatures this afternoon 63 to 68 around the bay with high clouds and sunshine and 61 to 69 inland where most of the haze will hang. it is not a "spare the air" day but the have a moisture from the fog and along the coast we will see the biggest drop in temperatures at 60 to 64. this is how it looked at walnut creek south on 680 you can see the fog and tomorrow rain
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mainly in the north bay and the rest of us get heavy rain on friday and it tapers on saturday and another choose on sunday into monday. >> we have 37 bart trains running on time right now and it looks like the san mateo bridge is on time with for delays and we have construction in the eastbound direction that will last until 11 o'clock this morning and as we take you over to san francisco we have this other construction regulate that will be blocking full closure fremont street off-ramp off of westbound 80 friday and saturday overnight closures detours in place and the project will last until march 1 so watch out if you come to the city overnight. as we take you to the north bay the drive is covered in the fog but traffic is unimpeded as we slide to the east you can see the drive to vallejo and american canyon and 680 up to the benicia bridge is at top speed and no delays. >> playing hardball.
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san jose's road to major league baseball has a new conserve in the battle to move the amendment's to the south. >> jordan takes quick revenge for the death of a military pilots at the hands of >> bay bridge with a town of fog. stay tuned. female announcer: don't wait for presidents' day to save on a new mattress. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now! save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. plus, free delivery, set up, and removal of your old set. and sleep train's 100 day money back guarantee. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now! ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco east bay bay bridge >> good morning, on wednesday. this is a look at the golden gate bridge traffic and headlines coming into san francisco very light at the moment. and very light fog. we do have big changes coming up in the weather area and we will talk with meteorologist mike nicco and get your traffic from leyla. >> happening today the senate takes up the nomination of a former pentagon official to be
5:14 am
president obama's next secretary defense. ashton carter will appear before the senate armed services committee today and is expected to call for an end to washington's impasse and admitting the defense department needs to be smarter spending taxpayer dollars and will easy win senate williammation but likely to face tough questions of iraq and other issues. >> jordan is defending the execution of two al-qaeda prisoners in retaliation for the death of a military pilot at the hands of isis. the execution came hours after the release of gruesome video showing the captured pilot being burned alive. >> jordan's king met with president obama laugh night after the military confirmed the pilot was the opinion seen in the on-line video. president obama described the execution as "barbaric," and the pilot's execution prompted angry protests and the united states embassy is advising americans to
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defer nonessential travel. >> wall street hopes to build on a rally fueled by oil prices. >> here is america's money. >> good morning, topping america's money, wall street soared. >> dow opened 305 points higher with energy stocks leading the surge. >> a jump in oil prices is giving the credit with crude oil closing at $53 the highest in weeks. >> automakers are reporting double digit it group and g.m. was up 18 percent. >> ford and nissan gained 15 percent over january of 2014. industry-wide the best january in nine years because of low interest rates cheap gas and johnly favorable weather. >> coca-cola is getting into the middle business. this is high-end make. the product is called fairlife in the dairy case next month. >> morrow teen and calcium and less sugar and cost twice at much.
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>> twice as much? >> that is american's money. >> the san jose city council has voted to appeal theant trust lawsuit against major league baseball to the supreme court. last month a federal appeals court said it agrees with the lower court ruling that they are ex emfrom antitrust laws. san jose is hoping to use antitrust laws to keep the league and the giants from blocking the efforts to build a stadium in the south by. if the supreme court declined to take up san jose's case last month's decision by the 9th circuit court becomes the final decision. >> santa clara police chief learned and observed a lot visiting glendale arizona in preparation for super bowl 50 at levi stadium. the chief says they were able to find out what worked well and what needed improvement during super bowl xlix and says they have been planning for the event for a while now. >> the partnerships we have created so for this past area will help us tremendously.
5:17 am
that is what a take away was, the cooperation between all federal, state and local agencies working together and paying a successful event. >> super bowl 50 is february 7 2016, with a week's worth of events in san francisco, santa clara and the wine country. >> boston officials say the victory parade for the world champion new england patriot will take place today for matter what. >> the celebration was originally scheduled for yesterday but too much snow and the bitter cold forced the postponement. the team told the mayor the event needs to take place today because many of the players have plans to lebanon town. on sunday the new england patriot bet the seahawks 28-24 to win super bowl xlix kicks off at 8:00 a.m. specific time. that reminded us of our giants parade that happened in the rain because the players wanted to do it and go home and rest. >> when the reason is over
5:18 am
absolutely they want to take it easy. >> it is fought like you have never seen snow and bitter cold in boston. >> for us it is more of a different thing. >> it will be cooler today. and the wet weather, still on way. here is a look at live doppler hd you can see the visibility is dragged down by the fog at half a mile in santa rosa and a mile in petaluma and livermore. napa is 1.25 and concord at three. same in oakland and hayward. the tule fog is moving through the delta and crossing the san rafael bridge and now starting to slide down the east bay shore. we will keep an eye on sfo and san jose to see if it is slipping into your neighborhood. this is how it looks in san rafael, 1.5 or two miles visibility south on 101. you can see the diffuse when you look at downtown from sutro
5:19 am
tower so the fog has made it into san francisco but not really desperately thick. high clouds and sunshine today, cleaner, and not a "spare the air" day and cooler. rain in the north bay tomorrow and two storms will make their way through our neighborhoods thursday through monday. vallejo, 62 degrees a cool spot inland, and a lot of mid-to-upper 60's elsewhere and we will have low-to-mid 60's along the coast but, still, above average. tonight another mild night with mid-to-upper 40's inland and upper 40's to mid-50 an the bay shore and to the coast and under mostly cloudy sky and quote have fog again tonight. two areas of high pressure directly most of this storm to our north and we are getting the high clouds today but behind that it will on the door for two more storms to come and here is the first. action on thursday morning drizzle and light rain long the coast and the north bay and notice the rain accident hit the north bay until the afternoon and then the evening and
5:20 am
overnight hours it is light to moderate rain as we head to friday morning, it starts to slade south and picks up in intensity and we see ons and yellows and we haved flood watch in the north bay during the day on friday and friday evening, the heavy rain starts to move in to the rest of our main. as far as rain 1" in the south bay and 1-3" for the rest of us and possibly eight in the north bay mountains. the seven-day outlook shows when we get to tuesday, it is over, sunshine and the 70's return. the richmond-san rafael toll plaza has a few visitors as they make it up to the tolls and when you get across the bridge you can see the top speeds on the lower deck in the eastbound direction, and nothing bothering you and as we slight to the east, i-80 away from highway 4 no accidents to report this morning. we are lucky, we are light in the accident department as we continue through albany to berkeley 71 miles per hour.
5:21 am
checking out the drive as you come in from the south headed in the northbound direction or westbound along 580 at top speeds at 69 american approaching highway 13 and 880, and everyone is minding their manners. 580 is slow wherever now over the altamont pass, tracy to dublin is 37 minutes and highway four, too under fog and antioch to concord is 20 minutes and san rafael to san francisco with fog affecting the commute and 19 minutes gets you there. >> straight ahead seven things to know as you start director day. >> special version of monopoly that will land a big jackpot. >> a break through that could make jet lag a thing of the past and could soon be prevented. >> you can keep on weather and traffic through the entire commercial break and right now light traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza with cash-paying lanes a don't wait for awesome...
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>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door he are seven things to know. the suspect in the case of a dismembers body found in a suitcase is free. 59-year-old mark andrus walked out of jail with his attorney. the d.a. said there is not enough evidence to charge him in the case. >> two, rescue crews are searching for survivors in the crash of a transasia airways plane in taipei. several people caught the dramatic crash on camera as it cart wheel over a bridge and crashed into a river with 58 people on board. 23 people are dead and 15 are hospitalized. the remaining 20 are still missing. >> breaking news, cell phone video taken by a neighbor shows a two-alarm fire at a duplex in san jose this morning, and it started outside the duplex and spread to the units, firefighters are trying to determine if it was caused by
5:25 am
power lines. >> police are investigating the deadly shooting of an armed woman in oakland by one of their own. witnesses say the woman pulled a gun after security officers accused her of shoplifting from the home depot. a firearm was recovered. >> staples announcing they are buying office depot worth $6.3 billion creating an office supply giant completed by the end of the year. >> two main storms including the first to cause flooding across the north bay and dumping heavy rain on the rest of us. that is coming up in the seven-day forecast. i am happy to report it is quiet start to wednesday morning and that is berkeley with the drive in the baby direction which is heavier coming in from highway 4th drive is going to take you 14 minutes and we have construction projects that could slow you down. i will show you where that is
5:26 am
coming up. do not call it monopoly money in san france. >> there are special sets to celebrate the 80th anniversary the first appearance which will have real euros, there will be 80 special games sold and only one carries the big jackpot where every dollar is real total winnings in the game are $23,260 united states dollars. >> scientists may have discovered a way to treat jet lag by using a flash of light. vanderbilt researchers say they found a switch in the brain that can reset the body clock by shining high powered flashes of light into the area from laser that could apply to humans since their chocks are identical to those of mice. the result could lead to developments that reverse adverse health effects of seasonal chains working the
5:27 am
night shift and jet lag so we will invest if that. right now. >> what do you mean, going to already have. >> we have a full 90 minutes of news. >> $4 million malfunction with the new bay bridge and the new problem for the eastern span that caltran is trying to fix. >> a look from our camera to the embarcadero where traffic is light. stay tuned.
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5:30 am
nicco. >> and you will need umbrella "boys," at some point. through the altamont pass, in livermore, we have half a mile showing up on live doppler hd in santa rosa. this is how it looked at walnut creek down 680 to the san ramon valley are we have more fog. day planner the next 12 hours shows milder temperatures this morning, nearly 60 where high clouds and low-to-mid 60 at 4:00 and headed off this evening mild and mid-50's and not a "spare the air" day. >> we did not get angelina and jennifer aniston but we will put out a craigslist ad. >> how is the traffic moving? we can see clear conditions on 101. but we did have fog travel advisories to the north. traffic is unaffected. across the golden gate bridge
5:31 am
interest san francisco there are no accidents to report. get on the road. drive safe. >> thanks, leyla gulen. now, firefighters in the south bay are on the scene of a first in san jose. this is video of the due -- duplex on fire. crews were putting water on the fair when our crews got there cross the street officer an elementary school. the fire started outside at 2:15 and video to the building. flames were shooting high into to sky and a neighbor jumped interest action and helped evacuates the home. he took the cell phone vide >> investigators will try to rebuild their case against a suspect in the grizzly discovery of a dismembered body in the city after the suspect was released for lack of evidence. our reporter is at super bowl. amy? >> police are still working to
5:32 am
gather evidence in the case. as of right now the district attorney says that officers do not have enough. we have video of mark andrus released last night from jail and the d.a. declaiming to file charges against him. andrus did not say a word. the public defend are said that andrus was relieved to be set free. he was arrested on friday and accused by police of murdering a man and leaving his headless and handless torso in a suitcase. the public defender has in idea what police have that led them to andrus. >> we were not given any of the evidence by the police investigators so we have not had a chance to look at anything that they were considering. obviously the district attorney is charged with the responsibility of reviewing the evidence did so and determined there was not sufficient evidence. we take him at his word the.
5:33 am
>> police released surveillance video of andrus in the area where the suitcase was found and he was reportedly seen pulling a suitcase in the area the same day the body parts were fund but police do not know who was killed or how the victim died. the medical example -- ex work on the case. until then andrus is free and will stay in california and does not know if police will be trailing him now he is free. thanks in taiwan, rescue operations are underway in taipei after transasia airways plane crashed after take off last knit. -- last night. the fuselage was pulled from the wreckage and 23 are confirmed dead with new information and 15 are hospitalized. the remaining 20 of the 58 people on board are still
5:34 am
missing. here is the dramatic video that captured the crash the plane clipped a bridge and crashed into the river. the delight was headed from taipei to the outlying island when it lost control minutes after take off. officials say the pilot tried to control the plane as it developed and aircraft hit an overpass and partly crushed a taxi and the driver and the passenger were sent to the hospital. >> you can see a different view of the plane moments before it want down getting word coming the news sources that the plane was borrowly a year a -- barely a year old and two passengers were children and two groups with 32 chinese tourists on the way home. >> this morning the emeryville home depot is cleaning up after angry protesters threw a brick
5:35 am
through a window and wroteant police graffiti on the store >> protesters demonstrated and held a vigil in front of the home depot. yesterday afternoon, witnesses say the woman pulled a gun after security officers accused her of shoplifting. police chased her into oakland and a witness said he was caught in the cross fire when officers fired on the suspect. >> screaming loudly she had a gun and she ran from his car over to my car. and the police were given commands and i could not tell what they were say but they were yelled strong commands next thing i know, boom, boom billion. >> he heard six or seven shots and some of them shattered the window of the car. three and his friends everyone not hurt. police say they recovered an unspecified firearm at the scene. >> protesters are rallying
5:36 am
outside the courthouse before the arraignment of 14 activists who managed to halt service at the west oakland bart station in november. supporters of the black lives movement demand bart drop charges and possible fines against the 14 arrested. the group was protesting a grand jury decision in ferguson missouri not to indict a white police officer for shooting and killing an unarmed black teen. the rally will begin at 8:15 in front of the county court husband while washington street in oakland this morning. >> would state senators will introduce legislation calls for rules changes on child vaccination with details of the legislation not revealed but it is expected to tighten or eliminate the opt out clauses some par ends use to keep their children from getting vaccinated. this leaves tens of thousands of schoolchildren unvaccinated and the opt out clause is blamed for
5:37 am
worsening the current >> check out the impending rain we have been waiting for. >> so long. 41 days here in san francisco. now a look at temperatures to the north where we have fog 42 in petaluma, 43 in santa rosa and everyone in the upper 40's to 50 right now in san rafael and mill valley and napa and bodega bay and 55 degrees. half moon bay is at 52. and redwood city is june. and alameda is 54. and san francisco is 55 and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 40's cupertino, san jose newark, shown lafayette and brentwood and 87 near the shark tank hazy but not too much fog right here temperature running about 61 to 69 this afternoon inland, quite a video and 61 in the north bay and 69 in east bay and we will have a southern wind pushing slightly cooler weather into the north bay along the coast, 60 to 64
5:38 am
and southern wind dropping your temperature and around the bay it will not be so warm 63 to 68 and we will not have three days in a rove record temperatures. in san rafael, fog right in and doing better than, say this petaluma and santa rosa and rohnert park. rain in the north bay tomorrow heavy and flooding rain on friday and it will taper on saturday but another storm is behind that and that is in the seven-day forecast. >> the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are not on but traffic is building with congestion on all the toll plazas across the bay area. be prepared. it is loading up. we have fog in the area. especially over the altamont pass. 23 miles per hour to vasco and 32 miles per hour west of vasco. the area shaded in orange as we track weather and traffic together is an indication of where the fog is affecting the commute slowing things down more than it was yesterday.
5:39 am
we are looking at 45-minute delay from tracy to dublin. closer to the dublin interchange, another pocket of slowing clearing up into castro valley. further to the south along 880 fremont and milpitas top speeds at 680 with no delays and south bay commute has in accidents. a had certificate in the lanes in 280 northbound sat saratoga. >> more problems for the new span of the bay bridge and we will have more on that story next. also tragedy on the rails, we are at the scene of a deadly commuter train crash that left paramedics in disbelief. >> rising from the ashes the new challenge faces people homeless after a huge san francisco building fire and the teen called a "hero." >> stay tuned.
5:40 am
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covering los altos petaluma, and all the bay area this is abc7 news. new this morning, more problems for the new span of the bay bridge. according to the "san francisco chronicle" a $4 million elevator in the eastern span's new tower does not work. it was picked to give better views of the bay. crews use it to do maintenance. the elevator door malfunctioned in early december after a few rides. it took two weeks to fix. then two weeks after that it breakdown and has been stuck halfway inthe tower since. caltrain is trying to find the money to fix it. >> a team from the ntsb is headed to a new york suburb to investigate a deadly computer
5:43 am
rail crash six people were killed when a train it is an s.u.v. during rush hour. we have the latest from hawthorne, new york. >> good morning over my showers and storms you can still see the train sitting there waiting for the ntsb investigators to look. this is are considered the most deadly crash in metro north ever experienced in its history. >> the scene was so terrible the paramedics were in disbelief. >> the train was on fire, as well, and i realized it was probably the worst tragedy i responded to. >> north of new york city 600 passengers on the way home when the train smashed into a jeep stuck on the track. eight flames engulfed the vehicle from behind and the huge huge of dark smoke. >> passenger had blood on his face and ran past me. >> you could see the massive
5:44 am
response as crews rushed in. when the smoke cleared this is all that was last. scorched and mangled metal crushed under the train. >> third rail of the track came up from the explosion and went right through the car so it is truly a devastating and ugly situation. >> the injured were carried out of the front car and passengers in the back had no idea how bad it was until they saw it themselves. >> want down the ladders and walked out here and saw the smoke and flames. the womaning driving the jeep was trying to cross the track when the gates came down and trapped her. she died along with the passengers. >> the metro north railroad has been under scrutiny since a year
5:45 am
ago when the tragic train derailment killed four people but who or what was to blame for this accident is still in question. that is what the investigators are going to try to find out a few hours from now when they arrive. people displaced by the fire in the san francisco mission are still unable to get their belongings after a structural engineer said it is not safe to go inside. an inspection confirms that the fire caused significant structural damage and an engineering company has a temporary design to make the building safe before anyone can go back in. san francisco fire chief hayes-white said the fire starts on the third floor and it appears there was no foul play. >> a teen home alone when the fire break out bass recognized for quick thinking yesterday at the board of supervisors meeting 13-year-old gonzalez escaped by breaching the window and tossed the dog and jumped
5:46 am
from the fire escape and landed on an awning where the firefighters were waiting. [ inaudible ] >> everyone in the building...they all helped each other and they deserve the award. >> and his dog is fine too. he and the family are staying at the red cross shelter while they fine another place to live. >> tonight the city of oakland will hold a public hearing to present the final draft plan for the city protect to the planning commission. oakland is hoping to keep the amendment's and raiders in the city. both have expressed interest in remaining in oakland if new stadiums for each can be built. the land includes new residential, commercial and other developments for the 800-acre area including the oakland and alameda coliseum complex and a separate hearing is held in two weeks. >> you need your umbrella but this weekend fans have a chance to get up close to their
5:47 am
favorite players and congratulate them on the latest world series champion. >> dozens of players and kemps -- coaches will be at the giants' fanfest and you can take pictures with all three world series trophies and play catch on the field. caltran is reminding fans they have hourly service and four express trains from the peninsula on saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. with admission free. do not let the rain in the forecast discourage you. it will be lick a remainder of the world series parade relive the glorious moment. >> absolutely. how is the weather forecast? >> that was last year. it was sunny. they won. this area it will be rainy and... >> well it is an odd number year. we will break that trend.
5:48 am
>> coming up on 5:48. live doppler hd is dry this morning and want out the altamont pass into livermore and rohnert park through santa rosa and windsor half to a quarter-mile visibility so it is dangerous. warm front to the north and the rain in washington and we are in the warm air mass this morning. even with the high clouds and sun we will have warmer than average temperatures with no flight arrival delays. clean looking to t.i. and slightly cooler than year. we will not make it three days in a row with a record high. mountain view did it yesterday. north bay rain is tomorrow. two of the storms will come through thursday through monday and bring us significant rain. today the big story is the temperatures. or are the remain toes with mid-to-upper 60's in most of the neighbors and low-to-mid 60's
5:49 am
along the coast. tonight is milder. cloud cover and mid-to-upper 40's inland and upper 40's to mid-50's around bay and to the coast. here is our moisture condition tenth stretching all the way back to hawaii the thickest of that now is on its way ride the jet stream toward us hitting the north bay on thursday hitting the rest of us on friday and a tapering saturday before a secondary pump sunday interest monday and the heaviest rain is with the first system. this is how it plays out. tomorrow morning drizzle and that is it the by the afternoon hours you can see the rain breaking out and steady across the north bay and the rest of us have patchy showers and the rain is stalling over the north bay on thursday night through friday morning and it will be after the 7:00 hour and most of us will get rain and the oranges, the reds the heavy rain will cause the flooding in the north bay that moves through the heart of the bay and we are trying to head up to lake tahoe you will be driving through heavy rain on 80 and that is going to sweep
5:50 am
through the rest of neighbors in the evening hours and we will have another push saturday into sunday. possibility of up to 1" in the south bay and 1-3" in the bay and we have flood advisory in the mountains 6:00 a.m. friday morning until 6:00 a.m. saturday morning near napa and solano and marin and flash flooding is a possibility especially the areas. by monday afternoon into tuesday the sun is coming out and the 70s are coming back. >> we have metering lights turned on ten minutes ago and we have plenty of traffic coming in from the east bay. 12-minute delay as you head in from the maze interest san francisco. you and see how clear it is and you may apply the breaks and it is slower approaching san francisco but a construction project will start friday and saturday until march 1 and it will affect the off-ramp open those two days each week at
5:51 am
fremont so it will be fully closed with harrison street detours and other projects, as well, in the area so keep your eyes peeled and drive slower. as far as mass transit we have 43 bart trains on time and ace train one and three a couple of minutes late each and caltrain into san francisco for fanfest value, a great idea and system wise no delays. >> the generous dough nation that will meet freedom computers for thousands. >> you never know what you may be missing if you spend too much time on your smartphone. >> san francisco uber at the center of a new crime investigation in an alleged assault. stay tuned.
5:52 am
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>> more east bay kids get freedom pure because after john rouse -- generous donation. oakland technology exchange west nonprofit is getting $2 million grant from the thomas j. long foundation and has provided more than 35,000 refurbished computers to low-income students in oakland and will expand operations this year and 10,000 students from southern alameda county to eastern contra costa county are expected to receive a computer to help out with homework because of the latest grant. >> at 5:54 we will check with meteorologist mike nicco
5:55 am
monitoring when the rain comes your way. >> it will come in tomorrow in the north bay and the rest of us on friday. we need it. in oakland we get 4.5" this month and half with the system. we go from 60 to 63 and 46 to 49 for our average highs and lows. we today, at lake tahoe, 58 and 60 above average. mostly rain moving in tomorrow. and it will be mixed with snow and wind on friday. you can see the snow lasting through monday. >> it looks like traffic in the bay area with a brand new three car crash in the east bay. it is in the southbound direction. however, most of the traffic is in the northbound direction right near warren avenue so we are seeing delays as you enter into fremont southbound traffic seeing slow-and-go traffic. that is ahead. it is 5:55. mcdonald's mexico is apologizing if a facebook post seen as trashing tamales.
5:56 am
the post is in spanish but says "tamales are a thing of the past," and facebook had comments saying how dirt you insult our beautiful tradition. the post is removed but several spanish language newspapers caught the scene shot and mcdonald's issued a statement saying it was never intention to disrespect tradition or traditional mexican foods like tamales. >> you probably look down at your phone. >> no never. >> check this out in southern california. he likely missed an amazing sight of his entire life in los angeles. eric smith posted this on instagram, reading "a sign of the times hey, dude stop texting, this is an enormous humpback whale 2' from your boat." he took the photo a couple of weeks agos and no word if the
5:57 am
gay ever looked up. >> making he is checking the favorite football score. our a huge whale is sitting there. >> more coming up and the cam court convicts a man of rating revenge porn website and a jail house message he released. >> super bowl sneak these two men snagged seats at football's premiere game breaching security. >> the bay bridge toll plaza what a difference a half hour makes. very busy. stay tuned.
5:58 am
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that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. breaking news at 6:00 video from as firefighters try to put out flames in a south bay due election and what a neighbor is saying of the scare. developing now stunning
6:00 am
video of a deadly plane crash caught on camera the search for survivors now and what we are learning of those onboard. live doppler hd showing clean sweep across the bay area but meteorologist mike nicco says that is going to change soon. and now we will have to you the traffic. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> that is leyla hail and you have been talking about meteorologist mike nicco. >> man of hour. >> it is rain. fog is the big story. we have half mile in santa rosa and live doppler hd showing a quarter-mile in livermore and the a pass is always a bear and now it is worse because of the dangerous visibility. half mile in oakland. 12-hour delay planner is seeing fog, more widespread this morning and cooler and by noon high clouds and sunshine and nearly 60 and high clouds and sunshine low-to-mid 60's and not a "sp


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